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Did you see anyone with the problem not on a router? Also bumped into a thread with people having issues with ATT Microcells connecting in CA. I've ended up setting static IP addresses for all so there's no attempt at using DHCP, seems to have worked so far. Did you see anyone with the problem not on a router? Also bumped into a thread with people having issues with ATT Microcells connecting in CA. I can't think of anything else except malware that would effect everyone across the world. Seems weird that 2 other people would register for this forum just to answer your thread. Not the same call centre - registered because I couldn't find any info on it anywhere else and given the volume of calls I've had on it today was (fruitlessly!

More so in Chrome, but once the browser stops responding, then Windows Live Mail will also crash and none of the other browsers will open or if they do, not be able to go to any website or page. Took the desktop to my favorite computer repair shop run by a Russian family. Only removed a few startup programs but so far working fine. Couldn't access any internet, although I was connected via either hard connection or wireless.

Looking at the date of the last update for the firewall (2/6), it matches perfectly to the time my issues began. I tried the command mentioned earlier (i ran the cmd as an administrator and i checked to see if it was right) but while up to a point it said OK! I restarted my pc and the browsers worked for about an hour and then they crushed again! Also, disabled all on board adapters and used new USB ethernet adapter with Windows 10 drivers preinstalled - no difference. My tech guy said to make sure I have the most recent equipment They said that they have had numerous calls about this and that it is related to a Windows 10 issue.

Short term, turning off the Mc Afee Firewall seems to stop the issue. Then maybe an hour later or even 5 hours later, it does the same thing! Please help Having exact same problems as prior messages on multiple computers. I thought the problem was solved, but alas, it has returned!

I've gone thru all previous answers to this problem and the solutions dont work for me. Please outline steps clearly as I'm pretty basic at computer stuff. Am using administrator command prompt but still getting resetting failed, access denied, but also getting reset ok. (More than once actually) The problem keeps reoccurring. (you know the drill, you do a selective start up and have it boot to the disk...blah, blah,blah) They both found nothing. I have gone through my task manager and researched anything and everything that I didn't know exactly what they were. Important note: No other computer in my house is having this problem. But do we know what about Mc Afee (if it is the cause) specifically that is the problem?

THANK YOU Wifi was working fine for all my devices except the Laptop. I tried several solutions from Google search in vain. After rebooting laptop chrome opens but stops with 'chrome not responding'. I do have it, but would be more inclined to try playing with the settings first than just deciding to remove it, or hope an update fixes the problem, since it would seem an update would be the likely culprit for the program acting differently since I know my machine came with this version of Mc Afee and never had any problems with before this month.

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