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I'm not having a whole lot of luck figuring out using that repository...So it looks like the version of xbindkeys that I linked to earlier in the testing repository should solve my issues..the problem is that I have no idea how to tell pacman to use it.

Presumably it's trying to create its own libtool script to use later instead of just using the system one. Now I found an old web page, updating.html, that describes the use of scripts that update a properly made autoconf/automake setup to the latest version of these tools. (d) Am I even barking up the wrong tree, and should I do it completely differently? If there’s ever any doubt about what might be causing your problem, don’t simply take libtool’s word for it: look around!You’ll probably need to use grep, and if you encounter a library you thought you removed and didn’t, remove it. Sometimes the cache can be invalidated by changes to the system and the best way to correct it is to simply rebuild the affected libraries. I downloaded autoconf 2.69 and installed from source (using Thanks! If you found my answer to be helpful, please remember to upvote it and if that is the answer that answers your question please remember to check it off as such. Unfortunately, there are a few potential causes ranging from broken packages to missing packages, but in general, they are the result of broken dependencies (missing packages are broken dependencies, after all! Read on about some potential workarounds and solutions!

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