Updating a pinpoint graph

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The menus are very easy to cycle through and logically arranged.GPS Accuracy: GPS accuracy is very good and for the most part, closely mimics that of my Ambit3 Peak which I have also been using along side the Spartan Baro for every run.A minor gripe, but this is a step backward from the Ambit, where I can scroll all screens in lock mode (though I do have to unlock the Ambit to access navigation, while being careful not to stop my activity).

Though the Spartan Baro tracks quite well, I do notice that it has a tendency to wander off of my true life path, where the Ambit track is more representative of my actual path.

Prior to the release of the Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro, Spartan Ultra models were equipped with Baro and select Spartan Sport models were equipped with wrist HR, so combining the two is the next logical step.

The Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro comes in 2 flavors, Stealth (above) and Amber (below), which have slightly different bezels and a slightly different textured silicone wrist band.

Retail price is 9, or 9 if you add the chest HR strap.

Initial Impressions: The Baro (I’ll need a nickname here to simplify) looks and feels like the premium, high end watch that it is.

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