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So far my travels to these “strewn ruins” (one of my favorite expressions), have taken me in the past five years through Britain, Scandinavia, Greece and Crete, Italy, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Cambodia.I have just completed my latest travels in Italy recently (see my Facebook page) – and plan visits to other areas of the Mediterranean and Morocco in the next year or two.(Abode of Peace) 1992-3 was my first big overseas trip, spending six months touring around Sri Lanka and India and then later Britain for a year.

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We were woken up at 3 am to make the final trek to the summit for sunrise.It was grueling as I was not used to the thin air and not that fit either!A sign at the base of the mountain reads that the record for the annual footrace to the summit and back down is 2 hours 45 minutes!In HHH, the author has demonstrated through various time markers and dates given in the Ageless Wisdom – and through the ancient science of cycles in the Hindu Yugas, that the esoteric time scales are literal and not just symbolic, as even some Hindu scholars themselves contend, tainted as they have been from Western materialistic, linear thought.Likewise, the great investigations completed by many “new age archaeologists” do themselves no justice because of their conformity to the status quo on time-cycles, never ranging beyond the last 25,000 year precession cycle.

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