Is rebecca st james dating

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Age 12: Writes her first song while still in the eighth grade.

Also records a DVD full of interviews that she includes with the album.

Judging by the photo of the couple, Fink is your basic ideal Christian beefcake beta: good-looking enough to be desirable, not dangerous enough to be sexually threatening or do something risky like skateboard down a railing or drink semi-copious amounts of alcohol. James is a very physically attractive Christian pop/rock singer whose main claim to fame is her very public proclamations of her virginity and her determination not to have sex until she is married. James tying herself to a man she’ll probably have to financially support until she dies? Ten bucks says he’s kind, good with kids, and devoted to a fault. James’s mindset, which places top priority on fidelity and “cherishing,” Fink probably looks like a manly man .

James has become engaged to Jacob Fink, a Colorado native and sometime missionary to South Africa who now resides in So Cal pursuing his “career in music” (whatever that means, which is most likely “doesn’t really have a job”). James hears the clock ticking and is more willing to settle. James regards Fink’s beta qualities as Christian-alpha.

So what lessons can single Christian women take away from St. Well, one, it is indeed possible to meet and marry someone in your thirties.

The caveat is that however much more attractive St.

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