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Most car interiors are made of materials such as vinyl, synthetic carpet upholstery, leather, carbon fiber composites, and plastics among others.Various techniques and products are required in order to clean these.Differences between car detailing and paint correction.-As stated above, the purpose of car detailing is to make the car look brand new.When it comes to paint correction however, it focuses on the top layer of the paint.To some car owners, they may view it as an unnecessary cost,stating that it is just but an exaggerated car wash.

You may want to check them out Interior detailing methods requires thorough cleaning of the entire interior cabin.

Waxing, polishing, surface cleaning and washing all play a part in the deterioration of the car’s paint.

Yes they are all important in maintaining the car and preserving but they also take a toll on the car’s paint.

It requires cleaning and restoration that may go beyond the car’s original surface finish conditions.

Wheels, tires, windows, chrome trim and other visible components from outside are cleaned.

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