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Now that London has its very own solo dining restaurant called Eenmaa, it got me thinking about the best locations for dining alone in Dublin.

Eenmaal was created by two Dutch design agencies who were aiming to break the taboo of eating alone public, with their first outlet in Amsterdam.

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Lets be honest and say that booze is going to make this a hell of a lot easier for both parties.This is reliant on the weather but why not go shopping together in Fallon and Byrne and pick out loads of nice nibbles and bits and pieces for a picnic.Grab a bottle of wine and ignore our stupid drinking laws and wander up to Merrion Square for a picnic in the sun.This place not only serves some awesome food but some of the best cocktails in town in a quirky setting.I threw it out on Twitter because me alone writing about first dates is like Tiger woods doing a post on 9 tips for a happy marriage.

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