Dating prostitutes in action

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And no wonder that their responses generated even more press.But the common konthai (Thai people) on the streets find all that irrelevant, for sex is an established income-generating industry in Thailand.Thus, much of the impetus sustaining the incredible rate of prostitution in Thailand is cultural; "Thai men think it is their right to have cheap sex, ...and there are enough poor Thai women to make it possible."Certainly, prostitutes play a large part in forming the sexual identity of young Thai males; "a demonstration of heterosexual orientation by having sex with a female prostitute is an important rite of passage for some groups of Thai men." This is borne out by the available statistics: "[s]tudies show that the majority of Thai men have their first sexual experience with a prostitute - the act is often a part of high school and university hazing rituals - and that 95% of all men over 21 have slept with a prostitute."In addition to rites of passage, the activity of visiting a whorehouse has become a social activity in many cases, "'Sex with prostitutes seems to be a way for men to enjoy each other's company,' notes Barbara Franklin of Care International, ...

Yes, he did become minister and advisor to potician quite a few times, but he acted as a 'technocrat' rather than a politician.

'It is often part of a night out with friends who share food, drink and sometimes even sexual partners.'’ And while it is perfectly acceptable for men to visit prostitutes, premarital sex between men and women who are dating is strictly forbidden.

Many Thais believe that this double standard has helped create the thriving sex trade.

Although the widespread prostitution phenomenon is well known in Thailand, few Thai people talk about it in always boils down to the question: Is sex inherently good or evil?

I would go along with warning labels on condoms: Sex will disrupt your sleep and may lead to orgasms, aside of that I don't see any harm in a good ride, very specially with a beautiful, young and willing Thai girl."About an hours drive from Chiang Rai, in a small town, in the middle of nowhere, is a restaurant called Condoms and Cabbages.

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