Dating chevy delivery trucks

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This means that when full engine power is required (for example when towing and hauling) all cylinders will be activated, but during lighter work (like cruising down the highway, or in stop-and-go city traffic) two of the six will not be used. For 2017, this engine will see slight increases in both horsepower and torque.

It will be rated for 308 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque, which is an increase of 3 horsepower and 6 pound-feet.

Read the vehicle’s owner’s manual for more important feature limitations and information.

This technology helps encourage safe driving habits in a number of ways, like giving audible and visual warnings when the vehicle is traveling over the predetermined speed or muting the audio system when front seat occupants aren’t wearing their safety belts.

This engine will also be mated to the Chevy class-exclusive eight-speed automatic transmission which was first released on the 2017 Chevy Camaro.

This transmission offers more confident acceleration with no increase in weight.

Built with high-strength steel, a durable pickup box and available trailering technologies, Silverado offers strength and durability along with the confidence you need when you’re putting 12,500 lbs.

Although the Chevy Colorado did just receive some impressive upgrades for 2017, including a new V6 engine and 8-speed automatic transmission, Chevy still has plans to continue improving offerings with an 8-speed automatic transmission for the 2.8L Duramax Diesel.

Take fuel efficiency a step further with the e Assist powertrain available on Crew Cab LT or LTZ.

Offering up to 18 MPG city/24 highway, this mild hybrid technology and aerodynamic features pair with the 5.3L Eco Tec3 V8 engine to help you get the most out of every mile.

We know that it will continue to be able with the extremely fuel-efficient Duramax diesel engine and will get an enhanced V6 engine and new eight-speed automatic transmission.

The new V6 engine that will be available on the 2017 Chevy Colorado with have the same 3.6-liter engine displacement as the outgoing model.

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