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If the truth, whoever possesses it, is more valued than the perception that you are the one who knew it first, then opposition to your thoughts and beliefs will be inoffensive no matter how offensive the other person is trying to be. You simply want to know the truth, even if you are never the place it originates. The It’s-All-About-Me mentality is fertile soil for being frequently offended. When identities are too closely tied to one’s opinions, and those opinions are then disagreed with, many feel like they, themselves, have been rejected, the core of who they are have been shoved away, pushed to a corner and crushed. To overcome hypersensitivity, realize that your opinions are not you. So often we jump to conclusions, assume an ill intent, create meaning to a word that then hurts and offends. And certainly, any given opinion or set of opinions are not the whole of who you are. Resist that urge and delay judgment until the conversation has run its course. So just let it be, shrug and let it slide off your back. And they squealed in amazement when Ajexandria dropped to the floor to perform the splits at the contest in Barranquilla, in the northern Colombian department of Atlantico.

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A well-known religious leader once said that whenever he hears that he has offended someone, his first response is to stop and think if, in fact, he may have said or done something that could have given the of an offense. If you expect others to act and speak a certain way, or assume others will be as kind or compassionate as you, if you’re offended when they don’t rise to the level of your expectation, you will almost always be offended or on the verge of it.

Hear the idea and ignore the clumsiness of the expression.

Many people are easily offended because they can’t emotionally differentiate between their thoughts and their inner sense of self. Part of accepting others’ imperfections is also learning to forgive them their past mistakes (so the current problem isn’t blown out of proportion as an extension of a previous problem unresolved) and create a sort of in your heart that you automatically go to when confronted with offensive language or behavior.

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Sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up?

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