Brendon urie audrey kitching dating

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the only effects we used was pretty much reverb on the main parts.

Pete Wentz ( PM): Yeah sounds good kind of like patrick Pete Wentz ( PM): I like it Ryan Ross ( PM): yeah thats the only thing we get that alot. we like your band but we dont want to sound like you guys, or be compared to fob all the time you know?

Is the band a side thing or is it gonna be fulltime?

Ryan Ross ( PM): no its full time Ryan Ross ( PM): well aside from school.

Brendon Urie is a singer, songwriter, and musician.

He is famous known as the lead vocalist of Panic, he is the sole remaining member. Brendon Urie wife has many followers on Twitter under her name is Hello Sarah Urie.

Ryan Ross ( PM): that would be awesome Pete Wentz ( PM): I’ve been listeneing to those songs nonstop.but yeah he is aware that kids say he sounds like patrick so he’s just trying different vocal stuff sometimes.Pete Wentz ( PM): Here’s the thing if I show you guys interest a lot of crappy labels are gonna come and do the same and I don’t want a huge mess out there.Brendon Urie has an affair with the model named Audrey Kitching in the year of 2005 up to 2006.There is no more information about his rumors in social media as well as his marriage life.

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